We always Deliver


Maintaining high quality eggs starts from the moment our day old chicks arrive at the farm from the hatchery. We rear our baby chicks with natural, nutritious feed and raise them in henhouses and barns that mimic their natural environment. Our careful rearing methods ensure healthy strong hens that result in outstanding eggs that poach to perfection.

Welfare Innovation

Kinross Farm employs modern and thoroughly researched methods of hen husbandry and rearing of young hens. With our state-of-the-art hen houses and farms, our hens are always in optimal health for laying top-quality eggs.

Product Safety

Everything we do is designed to make sure we deliver you delicious and ready-to-cook eggs. This starts with keeping our hens healthy and safe.
We follow strict bio-security measures throughout our farms to ensure optimal hen health for all our flocks and high-quality, fresh eggs every time.